About Us


The Cleveland Council of Black Nurses, Inc

“Committed to Nursing and Health Care of the Black Community” 

The Cleveland of Black Nurses, Inc (CCBN) was chartered as a chapter of the National Black Nurses Association in 1972 and was incorporated as a not –for- profit organization in the State of Ohio in 1981. Its members believe that the provision and enjoyment of optimal health is the birthright of every American. Although major health interest groups and governmental agencies believe this and act upon it, Black Americans, along with other minority groups in our society, are by design or neglect excluded from the means to achieve access to the health care that is available to the mainstream of America. As Black nurses, we have established a national organization to investigate, define, and determine what the health care needs of Black Americans are, and to implement change to make available to Black Americans and other minorities health care commensurate to that of the larger society. Black nurses have the understanding, knowledge, interest, concern, and experience to make a significant difference in the health status of the Black Community. CCBN has the following objectives:

1. Define and determine optimum quality of health care for Black consumer by acting as their advocates.

2. Act as a change agent in restructuring existing institutions and/or helping to establish institutions to address unmet needs.

3. Serve as local nursing body to improve health care for the Black Community and to work cooperatively and collaboratively with other health care workers to this end.

4. Conduct, analyze and publish research to increase the body of knowledge about health needs of Blacks.

5. Compile and maintain a local directory of Black nurses to assist with the dissemination of information regarding Black nurses and nursing on national and local levels by the use of all media.

6. Utilize standards and guidelines for quality education of Black nurses established by the NBNA by providing consultation to nursing faculties and monitoring for proper utilization and placement of Black nurses.

7. Recruit, counsel, and assist Black persons interested in nursing to insure a constant progression of Blacks into the profession.

8. Act as a vehicle for unification of Black Nurses of various age groups, educational levels and geographic locations to ensure continuity and flow of our common heritage.

9. Collaborate with other Black groups to compile archives relevant to the historical, current, and future activities of Black nurses.

10. Provide information and encourage Black nurses to write and publish on an individual or collaborative basis.

11. Provide educational programs for the membership and other nurses throughout the community.

The History of Cleveland Council of Black Nurses